Cinderella Solution Review

Want to know how I reduced my weight with just two months of using Cinderella Solution? Let me take you over the product if you are new to the program and don’t know much about it. My Cinderella Solution review will detail my weight loss journey.

SallyI am Sally, a thirty-year-old stay-at-home mom who works as a motivational speaker for a living. I have two adorable kids who are growing up faster than I’d want them to.

I am writing this Cinderella Solution review based on my personal experience with the product as well as the research I have done over it.

I will review the program in detail, so grab a chair, sit down and stay tuned.

About only two months ago, I was a mass of fat. You heard me right. A mass of fat! That’s all I was.

I was going through a tough time in life…

For years, I had been working on a book based on topics that are close to my heart. I was eagerly waiting for the publisher to accept it.

Alas, that never came about. My book got rejected, and as it dawned on me that my dreams had been dashed to the ground, I felt hopeless and sad.

Depression got me really fast, and I found myself struggling to get by each day.

I started neglecting myself and my body. I either ate infrequently or binged on cream cheese and peaches till I inflated into a large lump of fat.

I began to look too old for my age. There was lots of cellulite, especially on my arms and thighs.

One day, as I stood on the porch in a summer dress for a family photo with my kids, I could feel my flesh poking out wherever the dress gave it space.

It wasn’t all that bad at first…

Since I had been skinny all my life, I didn’t detest my fatter self.

But a point came when I started feeling ashamed of myself and would go out less. I did not want anyone to make fun of my condition, and I began to lose my self-esteem.

Sometimes, things get so complicated that we come to our breaking point. That’s when it is most important to take action instead of giving in. I said to myself that no matter what, I will try to come out of this box that I am keeping myself in.

Fortunately, I met my friend after a long while who introduced me to her secret to losing weight.

She had lost around 27 lbs. In just three weeks.

Like a wanderer who finally finds what they were looking for, a feeling of joy swept over me when she told me what she did to get in shape.

My Review: Here’s My Thoughts and Opinions on the Cinderella Solution

Cinderella Solution is a program for weight loss detailed in a series of books. It is focused on increasing the lifespan of women by telling them how to reduce weight. It consists of ebooks that come in a PDF format and are downloadable on almost all devices.Cinderella Solution

It gives a solution to weight problems by incorporating flavor-pairing rituals.

The three hormones involved in burning fat are reset to perform their functions. These hormones are insulin, estrogen, and cortisol that speed up the metabolism in young girls.

I started using this product when my friend recommended it to me, saying that it will help me get rid of the cellulite on my thighs and arms as well as put me in shape. She was concerned about my weight because she thought I will eventually become obese if I don’t take any measures now.

I don’t usually follow recommendations blindly, but as I had witnessed my friend fit into the jeans that she bought with me three years ago and couldn’t fit into after she gained weight, I couldn’t ignore her words. Thus, I purchased the Cinderella Solution to see if it will work for me as well.

This guide is for women who are above the age of 25 and is suitable for those as old as 60. It comprises of two phases that detail meal plans and combinations which increase weight loss. The first phase is known as the Ignite Phase, and the second is known as the Launch Phase.

Each phase is about 14 days long. As it is a 28-day plan, it will help you quickly lose weight.

In the first phase, you will eat three meals each day. The food charts and combinations help lose weight by regulating your hormones. The number of meals is increased to 4 in the second phase.

The meal plan involves certain food combinations which burn fat. It is designed by Carly Donovan, who is the author of Cinderella Solution and lost weight by using the combinations she writes about.

The Cinderella Solution aims to bring a change by healing from within the body rather than from the outside. You don’t even need to hit the gym regularly; working out with only a pair of dumbbells will suffice.

What’s Included in the Cinderella Solution?

As I was opening the Cinderella Solution package, I was expecting to get a book or two and lots of fluff inside which is usually added to make the package look bigger, but I was wrong.

It had more to it than I imagined. Here’s what I found inside my pack:

  • A Cinderella Solution Manual that tells you about the hormones involved in weight loss
  • A Quick Start Guide with the cheat sheet for the plan
  • A Cinderella University book which tells you what makes you fat in the first place
  • A Movement Sequencing Guide which details the extra workout plans you can go for to speed up the process
  • I don’t know if they still add these, but mine came with a Bonus Daily Nutritional Blueprint as well that describes Carly’s journey to weight loss

The Cinderella Solution review will remain incomplete without mentioning the benefits you get by following this program. Below are a few of the many benefits you will receive if you carefully follow this diet chart and plan:

  • Cinderella Solution is designed specifically for women. It includes certain food combinations and fitness measures which aid in weight loss
  • There are no high claims or unattainable goals in its diet plan
  • You don’t have to follow any strict workout routine for the program
  • With its customized diet plans, you can lose weight quickly and safely
  • It increases the life expectancy of women by offering them a solution to get rid of the extra fat in a healthy manner

Cinderella Solution Pros and Cons

Cinderella Solution has many qualities which you should consider. You can go through the pros and cons I have jotted down below, and they will clarify what makes this program stand out from its competitors.

Let’s look at the advantages first:

  • It does not restrict you to a limited number of food choices
  • You get to eat carbohydrates as well since it is not a carbs-free diet
  • Has a variety of food combinations that do not let you feel demotivated with the diet plan
  • Does not involve intense workouts
  • Workout plan targets specific parts of your body to tone your muscles
  • It is a low-cost product
  • Books are easy to read and well-written
  • Contains recipes which are efficient at reducing fat
  • You don’t have to do the math for calculating the calories as you don’t need to keep a count of them
  • Comes with a sixty-day money-back guarantee which you can claim if you don’t get satisfactory results

I did not find any significant flaws in the Cinderella Solution which I could list down for you, but there were a couple of things which would have made me like this program even more if they were included:

  • It won’t act as a quick fix to make all your problems go away. You will have to dedicate your time and energy to make it work
  • You have to strictly follow the instructions because if you miss a step, you will not get the results you were expecting
  • It is only available online, so if you don’t like to use screens all day, you might not appreciate this feature

Check Out My Results from Using the Cinderella Solution

I had started to believe that I would not be able to manage to lose some pounds and look good in high-waist jeans. However, the Cinderella Solution made me think about not only wearing such jeans but also filling my wardrobe with them.

I like it when I go about town, and my friends compliment me for looking smart in whatever dress I chose to wear.

I have become really confident now that I know I don’t have to wear longer shirts to hide the cellulite on my upper thighs, which used to make my legs look out of shape in skintight jeans.

All of this compelled me to write the Cinderella Solution review so that I could share this secret with the world.

Cinderella Solution Price: What A Bargain, Here’s How I Got Mine Cheap!

Cinderella Solution is a great solution which prevents the body from regaining the lost weight once you follow its diet plan. There are no additional products which you need to buy with it, and neither does it demand a diet plan that is expensive.

Instead, it saves you money that you would have to spend on expensive weight loss formulas and gym subscriptions.

It is an affordable guide which you can download on your phone or tablet. All you have to do is to follow the diet charts and food combinations and start seeing remarkable results within a month.

It is truly worth your hard-earned money as it is a hassle-free guide.

Luckily, as I had been sifting through various pages and blog posts to decide if I should buy this solution.

I found a coupon that you can claim from this link

It claims to give a good discount on the product. When I used it, I got my pack of Cinderella Solution at an even cheaper rate than the one offered in the market.

If you think that this program is what you need to get rid of that extra fat on your body, you need to hurry up as it is a limited time offer which may end soon.

Conclusion: Very Happy with the Cinderella Solution

All in all, I am really impressed with the Cinderella Solution. It helped me regain my lost confidence and comes at a very reasonable price.

I would honestly recommend it to someone who is borderline obese as well as to those who cannot use the intense workout machines at the gym due to specific health conditions.

Don’t forget to check if you can still get it at a discounted price.

I love its diet plans, which are easy to follow and do not restrict me to a limited number of foods. As I have a sweet tooth, I enjoy consuming carbs now and then. With Cinderella Solution’s program, I can see a cake and eat it too. You can buy this guide online and enjoy losing weight.

Thank you for reading my Cinderella Solution review.

I hope I have been successful in explaining how the product works and what you can get out of it so that you can benefit from my experience. If you still have any questions, feel free to drop a line in the comment section below, and I will get to your queries as soon as I can.

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