Venus Factor Review

Do you know that your weight can be the leading cause behind strokes and heart attack? Not just heart diseases, but a fat body harbors several other conditions as well, such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, and even sleep apnea. That’s the main reason why I am here doing the Venus Factor review.

MargaretI am Margaret, and I am a working woman who has been going to the office for as long as I can remember. I just turned thirty-five last month. A year ago, my life became different from what it used to be when I stumbled upon the Venus Factor. 

It changed the way I saw myself and made me realize that I am worth more than I was led to believe.

I will tell you why shortly.

If your TV is on, turn down the volume a bit because I am going to share what brought a significant change in my life. I want you to lend your ears to me as I do a Venus Factor review.

Before I turned thirty-five, I used to live another life. I look like a baseball bat now, but at that time, I was the ball instead of the bat. Not just the regular sized ball but a more significant, magnified version of the ball. That’s how fat I was or at least what I was made to believe by the society at large.

I would move halfway up a flight of stairs only to find myself panting ruthlessly. For any activity which required moving my muscles, I had to stop to catch my breath. It used to distress me to see myself suffer as if I was old when, in fact, I was only in my early thirties.

It wasn’t just the panting which bothered me, but I also didn’t like the way I used to look. When I used to try on clothes, it always ended in me crying.

Once, I put on a crisp, white shirt only to find my flesh struggling to get out of the front of the shirt. Finally, one of the buttons gave way under pressure and came off. 

That was my life about almost a year ago. Now, I fit perfectly in that shirt, but I can’t wear it since it hangs loosely on my body. 

My Review: Here Are My Thoughts and Opinions on Venus Factor

Venus Factor is a plan which has been designed specifically for women so that they can get their bodies in shape by losing weight as soon as possible. It burns off your fat and keeps your body from gaining it back.Venus Factor Review

It is a natural way of shedding all those extra pounds. Furthermore, it helps you safely do all that. Thus, you do not have to worry about harmful substances or damaging side effects.

When I hear about a product, I ask myself whether or not it is effective at what it does, how it will solve my problem and will it be worth my hard-earned money. Only after I get a satisfactory answer to these first few basic questions, do I proceed to delve deeper into the details of the product. You will have these questions as well; I know. Don’t worry as I am going to bring the product to life so that you can see what it can or cannot do.

The Venus Factor is John Barban’s creation. He’s a certified nutritionist and an expert in biology and physiology who claims that if you use this product, it will be the safest, fastest, and quickest option for shedding fat. 

It targets the differences in the physiology of men and women to solve the problem of increased weight. Most of the times, this problem is related to the estrogen hormone in a woman’s body, which is one of the culprits behind the weight women put on after pregnancy. 

One of my friends at work recently had a baby. She used to look like a supermodel before her pregnancy, but after she gave birth to an adorable baby girl, she started becoming fat. Over time, she became as obese as I was.

Our universal problem brought us closer. We became perfect friends. Best buddies, actually. We decided that we will get rid of this problem together. That’s how we started doing exercises, going to the gym and running half a mile each day. If there’s any activity for getting into shape you can think of, we have done it.

To our utter disappointment, we would come back home after each workout and eat to our fill. One day, my friend said that exercises aren’t the option for us and that she’s fed up for feeling guilty for binge eating.

She visited me only after two weeks.

That’s when she told me about the panacea of our problem. Her eyes lit up as she said to me about the Venus Factor. She said that now we would shed pounds of fat without any extensive exercise. 

I chose this product instead of any other because it is focused on women. I wanted to try out something which caters to the needs of the female body because I know that both men and women have different physiologies and different levels of hormones. Therefore, the solution to losing weight should be different as well.

Graphic by

There’s a substance in our body called leptin, which is the number one factor why we lose or gain weight. Women have more leptin than men.

This is the hormone which gives you the feeling that your stomach is full and controls your hunger. Those of us who have developed leptin resistance feel hungry even after eating a full meal. 

Venus Factor is a diet plan which has been formulated to minimize leptin resistance so that you can lose weight. It is based on the leptin diet. The five rules of this diet are as follows:

  • Don’t eat three hours before going to bed
  • Eat meals three times a day
  • Don’t consume full meals
  • Go for a protein-rich food
  • Keep the consumption of carbohydrates to a minimum

Apart from that, you will have to eat more fiber and drink lots of water to flush out fats. You will have to avoid sugary foods like soda. 

Venus Factor is a combination of the high leptin diet and a workout routine, both of which maximize weight loss. It suppresses the cravings you have at odd hours during the day. Snacking makes you gain weight, so Venus Factor ensures that you do not end up stuffing your belly unnecessarily.

With its use, you gradually lose fat and keep on doing so without any weight loss plateaus. It boosts the amount of leptin in your body so that you feel full after a good lunch and do not need to eat snacks after. Your metabolism and the fat-burning process become faster.

See how simple it is? I liked this diet when I heard about it from my friend because of its simplicity and the science behind why my body was craving for peaches and cream at 2 in the morning.

What’s Included with Venus Factor

As I was looking at this product, I did not expect much. I thought it would be a book as my friend had told me and that would be the end of the story.

But I was wrong…

There wasn’t just one book; there were plenty of them. The package included one hard copy along with various digital manuals. Here’s a peek into the material I got when I bought the Venus Factor:

  • I received the Venus Factor Fat Loss System, which is a 12-week plan that explains what you need to do to lose weight. It details sample meals and much more.
  • There were workout plans which tell you how you need to exercise. It shows which exercises you will have to do as well as the number of reps. They will help tone your muscles and burn fat.
  • The exercise video library has around 100 videos. It guides you through the safest methods of doing the exercises and helps you lose fat at a maximum rate.
  • Mine also came with a Nutrition Calculator. See if they still include it in the package. It tells you the number of calories you should take so that you keep on losing fat without letting it come back.
  • Finally, there was a hard copy of the whole plan. You can get it shipped to your doorstep.

The Venus Factor review will be lacking if I miss out the benefits you get from following it. I have listed some of the benefits of using it so that you get a more unobstructed view of what you can expect from it:

  • The Venus Factor exercise and diet program is dedicated solely for a woman’s body. 
  • It is only a 12-week plan so that you will be done with it quicker than other methods of weight loss.
  • You do not need any equipment for exercising.
  • It is a natural way of losing fat as no harmful chemicals or intoxicants are required to lose weight in this manner.
  • You can follow its regimen at home without having to go to a gym for workouts. Its exercise manuals explain clearly what you need to do. There is no need for a gym instructor or any exercise machine.
  • It will make you fit and healthy by toning your muscles and shedding the extra pounds. 

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits of using this particular product. I would also like to explain one significant benefit, which makes the Venus Factor meal plans differently from any other product that claims to help you lose weight. 

You do not have to fast or starve yourself to get the results. I know how hard it is to refrain yourself from eating anything and that too for a whole day.

I have seen people making tall claims when they set about on their journey to losing weight. In the initial phase, most of us have a firm conviction, but with time, our motivation tends to wear out, and we become bored. Hence, starving is not a good option since it is hard to follow diets which involve skipping meals.

You do not need to make the period in which you are trying to lose weight to be too difficult. If you make it a hassle, you will see that you will not be able to keep it going too long. On the contrary, the Venus Factor results in weight loss without starving your body. This means that you can lose weight without denying yourself the simple pleasures of savoring your favorite dishes. 

That’s what makes its meal charts so attractive. If you follow them, you will see that you won’t have to look at every other food item as if you haven’t eaten in days. Its diet plan is not only beneficial for weight loss but also the reason why it is different from its counterparts. 

Venus Factor Pros & Cons

In my Venus Factor review, I think it is crucial that I add the pros and cons of using this product. Below is a list of all the advantages that I have encountered so far.

They include the benefits I noticed while I was using it to lose weight:

  • It can’t be said enough that it is specially formulated for women. 
  • You get videos of each workout that you need to do for this program.
  • It works for women with any fitness level.
  • It not only helps you lose weight but also enables you to get into shape.
  • You do not need any expensive machine or any other equipment to follow this plan.
  • It is not a strict diet plan. You can eat the food you love without any worries. 
  • It gives you access to personal online training.
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee, which means if you do not get any positive results, you can claim your money back within 60 days of your purchase.

As far as my experience is concerned, I did not find any significant flaws in this product. It worked reasonably well for me because the diet does not require a lot of effort.

However, there are some things which I would have liked to see in it and wish were included in the Venus Factor:

  • It should have included a diet plan for men to follow. After all, it’s not only women who have weight problems. Men also gain weight and wish to lose it as soon as possible.
  • You have to work hard to get an impressive figure. It is essential that you follow this plan to the last word and staunchly stick to it because it requires 100% dedication for it to be successful. 

Check Out My Results from Using Venus Factor

I am writing the Venus Factor review because I have tried and tested it.

Back when it was difficult for me to bring my weight under control and refrain from gaining extra pounds each month, I used to think that looking lovely in the clothes I wear is just a far-off dream. Even though I used to go to the gym with my friend three times a week, deep down, I knew that I wouldn’t be successful at becoming slim. 

After I got the Venus Factor and tried it for myself, my life took a U-turn. I could feel it working as the cellulite in various parts of my body started moving inward instead of extending outward. My muscles became taut, and from a bulky body emerged a slimmer and fitter build which I could hardly believe was my own. 

I did not have to buy dumbbells or invest in running machines to make it work. The video tutorials of exercises were enough to do the trick. My healthy body gave me some peace of mind and has helped me see life a little differently. No longer do I believe that weight loss isn’t for me since I have shed many pounds in the 12 weeks of the Venus Factor.

Venus Factor Price: What a Bargain, Here’s How I Got Mine Cheap!

Venus Factor will not be a drain on your wallet. You get many benefits out of it. It is a fast method to lose weight and is one of a kind in the market. No other product is as efficient or hassle-free as this one.

I remember pouring lots of money into the gym to get the results I wanted. Not only did I have to invest money but also my time and energy. I would take a tram to the gym and work out for half an hour before going back home, drenched in sweat. The results were nothing compared to the dedication I had to put in the whole process.

With the Venus Factor, I did not have to leave my home or pay for the gym subscription or the tram that would take me to it. I could follow the diet at home without buying any expensive special diet food or equipment which would leave me broke. 

The official website offers a limited time offer on the product as well and significantly reduces the price.

The good news is that as I was sifting through various blog posts on the internet before I was deciding to purchase this product, I found a coupon on a hidden promo page.

You should check here it and I hope it still available

It gave me a good discount, and I got my hands on all the manuals at a much cheaper rate.

There is nothing to lose. Since it comes with a money-back guarantee, you can get your cashback if you find that the program is not giving you any positive results. Hurry on before the offer ends. You rarely find products that are this good at such a low price.

Conclusion: Very Happy with Venus Factor 

Overall, I am impressed by the Venus Factor since it helped me become healthy and get into a good shape.

Besides, you can get it at a reasonable price.

I would happily recommend it to someone who has been dealing with weight problems and has not found any positive results so far. Also, if you are not up for rigorous workouts at the gym, this program will be an excellent pick for you. Do check whether you can still get it at a discounted price. 

I really appreciate the simple diet plans that it offers. It did not make me overwhelmed about the whole process of losing weight. All the plans were straightforward, and the videos clearly explained how I should perform each step to gain optimum results. 

What’s more, is that I was not restricted by a strict diet. I did not have to give up eating my favorite food to look like the gorgeous lady I have turned into now. It won’t be wrong to say that it is a user-friendly plan which is not very demanding.

The only thing it demands is your dedication. If you are ready to give it that, you will notice that you can get a lot out of it. A slimmer body and a happy, healthy you will not be a pipedream anymore.

Thank you so much for taking out the time to read my Venus Factor review, which was basically my personal experience. It means a lot to me. 

I hope that by now, you know what this product is and that I was successful in answering the fundamental question, does Venus Factor work? I have tried my best to explain what you can get out of it. If you still have any queries, feel free to mention them in the comments section below. Have a great day ahead!

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