Yoga Burn Review

Hi, I am Olivia, and I am excited to start writing a review on Yoga Burn for you all. I found Yoga Burn as something that millions of women out there in their teens, mid-thirties and even old age are looking for.

OliviaAt 22, I gave up on getting a toned and smarter body because I was tired of enrolling into so many different yoga programs with no results at all.

After wasting quite some money and feeling bulkier than ever, I once shared the experience with a distant friend at a college get-together.

She introduced me to something I believe is the most fantastic solution for all girls and women out there.

You guessed it, Yoga Burn!

This program gave my friend the mind-blowing results I have desired for years.

The best part?

This yoga program comes with easy step by step instructions to follow with peace inside and around you.

After 12 weeks of taking the program and achieving the most fitting results, here I am writing a review for you guys.

What is Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is an easy 12-week program created by Zoe Bray-Cotton. It is designed to boost your metabolism, improve your immune system, tighten and flatten your stomach and tone, and shape your body perfectly.

An inspiring and unique thing about Yoga Burn is that it ensures you do not have to go to any gym or yoga classes. As it comes with detailed instructional videos about the poses, durations, and mistakes to avoid, you have this digital instructor at home, and that’s all you need.

You can do Yoga every day in the comfort of your home.

In my opinion, no matter what age group or demographic you belong to, getting a healthier and smarter body is your right. If you desire a flat stomach and round booty at 35, yes go on!

Digging deep into the lifelong benefits of Yoga, I couldn’t resist myself and gave it a go!

About Zoe Bray-Cotton

Zoe Bray-Cotton is the creator of the Yoga Burn program and the entire system.

She is an internationally certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, and female body transformation expert. She is well-known around the world for her weight loss methods and has helped countless women achieve toned bodies and work on fat loss.

With her years of experience as an instructor and transformation specialist, she decided to put all of her personally tested techniques and knowledge together to develop this fantastic yoga program.

When I listened to her interviews and videos, I was convinced of the fact that this woman has life sparking in her. And frankly, that’s all you need to trust someone.

Yoga Burn Review: How Does Yoga Burn Work?

The Yoga Burn program has been designed by Zoe keeping a simple yet effective approach in mind, Dynamic Sequencing. Over the years, this approach has let people achieve what they have been struggling for many years.

What is Dynamic Sequencing?

In the world of health and fitness, Dynamic Sequencing is an approach to exercise that makes sure you start with some easy and simple steps and slowly moving onto the challenging ones as soon as your body has easily adapted and is getting used to the yoga routine.

Following this approach helps your body adapt quickly without feeling stressed. Also, it makes sure you are not making the three yoga mistakes as put forward by Zoe. I found myself making these mistakes quite often, and I am sure many of you have been doing the same for a long time.

Listening to the introductory video, the following is what I have learned about the mistakes.

Mistake #1: Relying Solely on Generic Yoga Classes 

If you are taking yoga classes in a nearby gym where you are practicing Yoga with several other people, some of which belong to your age group but most others are older than you… come on, do you think joining a yoga class designed for 65-year-olds is going to get you any results? Definitely not.

In fact, a yoga class designed for all age groups combined can never help a single person in the class to progress. You need something that’s exclusively defined and designed for you.

Mistake #2: Thinking that All Yoga Classes Will Just Destress and Relax You 

What I have learned so far is that a yoga class can actually be a reason you are stressed and tired during the rest of the day. Again, this is because you are not doing what you should be doing.

Moreover, you are not comfortable adjusting yourself in an environment where you feel all the eyes are on you. I myself used to feel like my instructor is watching me all the time while I am practicing my moves. This causes additional stress as if you are not doing well enough.

Feeling stressed and worried can lead to weight gain and distorted results. It can result in increased cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Its level goes up when you are stressed, and your body tends to gain weight.

Mistake #3: You Are Worried About the Lack of Progression

Now, progression is an essential element, especially when it comes to body fitness. You need to be consistent and progressive in your approach. But that is only possible when the instructor has designed the program accordingly.

Taking a yoga class that keeps you on the same moves for weeks and then suddenly makes you jump on an exercise that is ten times more difficult is not going to lead you towards progression. You need to progress according to your age, your stamina, and your body’s adaptability, day by day, week by week and month by month.

In so many yoga programs that I have attended, Yoga Burn is the only one I found filled with the element of progression.

Zoe’s Yoga Burn program is never going to get you bored, feel stressed, or fatigued. The informational videos teach you to do every step harmoniously. Each video runs for around 45 minutes.

As recommended, trying and practicing the same moves three times a week is the key to get incredible results. This has been made possible by the 3 phase program.

3 Phases of Yoga Burn

Here we dive into the core of this program:

Phase I – Foundational Flow

Stage I takes on super smooth and practical strategies to put you into this program and stick till the end. It attempts to give you a solid start.

This phase runs for around four weeks. During this phase, you are taught some of the basic principles that set the foundation of yoga practice and help in shaping your long, lean muscles, whether you have been into Yoga before or not.

Whether you are a beginner or already know the basics of Yoga, it is essential not to skip this introductory phase as it will benefit you greatly. Jumping onto the next level without crossing the first one might not reap your sweet fruits.

The thing I liked the most about this phase is that it makes you learn how to build a healthy mind connection. This eases the next two stages. When you start the program, you will know what I mean by this.

Being the first part of the program, it will take you through the next parts effectively and conveniently.

Phase II – Transitional Flow

In Phase II, you are going to use the moves that you learned in the first phase for three primary purposes:

  • To burn more calories
  • To level up your cardio
  • And to burn more fat

By the time you are in the middle of Phase II, your body will have adapted to the moves. You will be more comfortable and relaxed with how your body is progressing. I can state this because I felt so.

The videos of Phase II incorporate the larger muscle groups of your body, the upper body, lower body, and the core.

Phase III – Mastery Flow

You are going to love this phase just like I did. I truly felt grateful for deciding to choose the Yoga Burn program right after a week of entering into Phase III.

This phase combines everything from the previous stages and makes it more productive. It keeps you inspired and motivated throughout.

You are always ready to spread your yoga mat and start practicing the moves. By this time, your body will be exceptionally flexible. You will be able to make the moves you thought only professionals could do.

The videos of Phase III emphasize on more practice and regular practice. This is to fatigue your desired muscles to get them in shape.

In this phase, you are required to do some extra work. But you don’t need to worry. As I said, you will want to take out your yoga mat and start practicing yourself.

Believe me, and there is nothing more inspiring and satisfying than knowing that you are one step away from getting that beautiful body back.

Yoga Burn Review: Is Yoga Burn Reserved for Women?

Although the Yoga Burn program is exclusively designed for women, men can take part in it as well.

Anyone who wants to perform Yoga to get a healthy and fit body can do Yoga Burn. My favorite fact about Yoga Burn is that anyone can do it at their home quickly.

Without needing to have any gym equipment, machines, and weights, you are already 70% stress-free.

If you are looking for a long-lasting way to lose weight and get a perfect body naturally, Yoga Burn is for you. One thing I have realized so far is that neither diet pills nor diet food work alone. It’s the time you know it too and be realistic.

Yoga Burn Review: What’s Good About Yoga Burn?

Well, the list is long.

I felt and observed a lot of good things about Yoga Burn because honestly, been there done that!

I would rather not say that this program is for everyone, as I already mentioned above. But I would love to share that it proved to be the ideal yoga program for me. The functional aspects of the Yoga Burn program include:

Positive Reviews

As human beings, we often need to consider what other people think about a specific product. I bet only one out of a hundred people would go on and buy even a small electronic machine without reading Amazon reviews.

I came across many other women who have tried Yoga Burn, and they all had to say positive things about it. This makes Yoga Burn a beautiful thing to do.

Easy Instructional Videos

The instructional videos are easy to follow, giving every detail. You might think you don’t need them at the moment, but in the long run, they are really significant.

Cost-effective Packages

Yoga Burn comes at an affordable price with cost-effective packages. The set is definitely going to cost you lesser than what you pay for three days at the gym.

With no need of having memberships, buying expensive equipment and paying high bills, you are at peace.

Stay in Your Comfort Zone

A lot of women are not comfortable hiring an instructor for Yoga. Moreover, if you are attending college or going to work, you might not find it easy to schedule yoga classes in your routine.

However, Yoga Burn allows you to stay in your comfort zone. You can do Yoga at home whenever you find the time. You only need to make sure that you do it three times a week to achieve good results.

Ideal Body in 3 Months

I claim this. By the end of phase III, I noticed a visible improvement in my body. I had a flat stomach, toned body, and a perfect figure any woman would wish to have.  Every time I used to weigh myself, it was lesser.

A Lot of Bonuses

I got a lot of bonuses, which made me get all the other Yoga Burn products at a discounted price. I suppose you are going to get a lot of those as well.

Yoga Burn Review: What’s Challenging with Yoga Burn?

Not much. But still, you might find some of these points about Yoga Burn useful to know:

A Bit Difficult for Beginners

If you are a beginner, you might experience some pain at the start. But that is normal. Anyone making such moves the first time will have to bear the pain.

Don’t worry, and it goes away as your body gets used to the moves.

Scheduling Can Be Daunting

If you have a lot of projects to handle and household chores to do, it might be daunting to schedule 45 minutes of yoga practice three times a week in your routine.

But you need to remember that consistency is the key.

You need to keep yourself motivated and reminded of the fact that beginnings are always hard.

Some Videos are Lengthy

You might find some videos lengthy and stuffed with information. I did. Maybe because I already knew that stuff. In case you know nothing, these are going to be informational for you.

Other than these, there are really no challenges you will have to face. In fact, you might not meet the challenges I mentioned in the first place. I went through the process smoothly, safely, and efficiently. I hope the same goes for you.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Before you decide to get this product, you need to know some serious health benefits of Yoga.Yoga Burn Review

For ages, Yoga has helped people live calmer and more manageable lives, but only if it was practiced the right way. It does not only help you stay stress-free, focused, and healthy but also makes you durable as a human being.

In this fast-paced world, you need to give some time to yourself to save yourself from mental health problems. I am a firm believer in meditation and inner peace. In my opinion, there’s no better way to that than Yoga.

So, here you go with some yoga health benefits:

Better Posture and Flexible Body

Adding Yoga to your daily routine improves the distorted posture of your body. It makes your body flexible and helps you do all those tiring tasks with great ease.

Regular Yoga ensures that your muscles are adequately stretched, making them adaptive towards flexible moves and different body positions.

Whether you stand, sit, walk, or sleep, you are going to have an ache-free body with a perfect posture.

Relieves Body Pain

Yoga helps in reducing body pain by fighting against increasing joint problems and muscle pains. As I have learned from my own experience, a person who does Yoga regularly is not prone to getting body pains every other day in every other body part.

Keeps Diabetes and Cholesterol Problems Away

Yoga is the best exercise you can adopt to fight against diabetes and cholesterol. At a young age of 22, I identified some Diabetes-I symptoms in my body. I was anxious, and so had a medical checkup.

Being diagnosed with diabetes added more to my stress. I am glad stating that Yoga Burn helped me say goodbye to diabetes.

When you do yoga regularly, it keeps sugar level low. It also reduces cortisol and adrenaline levels. Moreover, it encourages weight loss. All of these benefits combine to help you get rid of deadly diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure problems.

Reduced Stress Response

Several people suffer issues like not knowing how to respond in a stressful situation or facing questionable circumstances. As a teenager or even in my 20s, I used to have panic attacks for every little thing that went wrong.

Ever since I started practicing Yoga, I feel myself at a calmer end. Yoga improves breathing and blood circulation. With a more relaxed mind and body, you will know how to deal with a situation without panicking.

All of these different reasons encouraged me to go for Yoga Burn. Getting a simple and easy solution for various problems you are suffering is a chance you get once in a blue moon.

Finding Yoga Burn as that chance, I didn’t want to let it go. I suggest you do the same.

Where to Get Yoga Burn?

I got mine from Clickbank, and you can go as well. Clickbank offers the best deals for Yoga Burn. You must visit their site to know all the best deals and great prices they are offering for Yoga Burn, which otherwise costs around $40.

The best thing is that you won’t need to get the money back. In case you do, there’s nothing to worry about. You get Yoga Burn at a great price with a money-back guarantee that Clickbank has for Yoga Burn.

I was pleased when I received mine.

Yoga Burn Review – Frequently Asked Questions

While I took Yoga Burn, my friends, colleagues, and several other people asked me some questions about the Yoga Burn program that I was happy to answer.

As you might have some of those in mind, here I go addressing them all:

  • Is the Yoga Burn program challenging?

No, not at all. Yoga Burn program is equally helpful for beginners as well as those at advanced levels. It is designed to help people go through each move step by step as it starts from the basics. You are slowly going to move from necessary to advanced levels.

As the instructional videos show how to perform each step, you will find no difficulty in practicing any move.

One thing to remember is that you need not be afraid of the pain as you are going to feel for a few days till your body is used to do Yoga.

  • Does Clickbank offer a money-back guarantee?


Clickbank comes with a 60-day moneyback guarantee on Yoga Burn set you to get. If you do not find this program good for you or cannot continue it due to any other problem, you are always welcomed to return it and get a full return without a single question asked.

  • Can you do Yoga Burn during pregnancy?

Yes, yes, yes!

Yoga is best for pregnant women. It keeps you and your body healthy. They offer some bonus videos that are specially made for pregnant women. The two known as ‘The Beginner Flow’ and ‘The Tranquility Flow’ are best for women at all stages of pregnancy as they come with no hard-core moves.

  • Are the moves hard for beginners?

If you think the workout is a hard thing for you, stop worrying. Yoga Burn starts from the basics and slowly moves forward. Your body will adapt without even realizing it. It is easier than you think.

  • When do you start observing results?

After one month. Yes.

When you are about to end your Yoga Burn program, you will be so happy achieving all your targets.

Final Word

Yoga Burn has come as a fantastic investment for people wishing for a healthy and perfect body. This incredible program is worth every dollar. You can quickly get your fantastic body back in three months. I wish I had known about this sooner.

However, it’s never too late. Start now, and an ideal body awaits you!

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